Doing Good With The “Pay It Forward” Jar

Back in the 90s, I immigrated to the United States from the war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina.  With the help of a wonderful host family during my first year here, I was able to finish high school, receive a college scholarship, and start living independently.  I think of this family as my guardian angels, although they never thought so of themselves.

One evening, over a bowl of strawberry ice cream, I asked my American “dad” how I could ever repay their incredible kindness and generosity.  “Just pay it forward,” he simply said.  Goodness happens when you extend your kindness and generosity to others, however and whenever you can, so they can eventually pay it forward, too.

That’s why at Sage Abbey, we created a “Pay It Forward” jar.  We fill the jar with a percentage of our sales, kind donations from our customers, and uplifting messages.  When the jar is full, we donate its contents to those who need it the most.  Our donations go to the Carpenter’s Shelter, a local charity helping people achieve lasting independence; as well as Alive, local food pantry providing nutritious foods to many families. 

As Sage Abbey grows, the “Pay It Forward” jar initiative will grow as well, with the ultimate goal to establish a scholarship fund, making college education for at least one immigrant child a reality.  That’s how life comes full circle, and that’s how we pay it forward.

If you wish to contribute to the jar, please click the “Donate” button below.  Any amount will bring about goodness and lasting, positive change to those who need it the most.  Thank you for paying it forward!