Author: Vanja Thorson

What’s in your fragrance? (5-min read)

A recent rerun of a “How It’s Made” episode brought to mind a common ingredient in the majority of cosmetic products out there – fragrance.  Fragrance (parfum) is the collective name for synthetic materials used to scent/perfume cosmetic products.  In this particular episode, a restoration expert was painstakingly restoring a damaged antique religious statue of […]

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A few useful (and nerdy) tidbits on essential oils (5-min read)

Essential oils are not oils as we know them since they do not contain glycerides of fatty acids present in vegetable or nut oils. Characteristic components of essential oils are terpenes, typically obtained by distillation and containing fragrance of the plant or other source from which they are extracted. It takes a lot of “raw” material (plants or flowers) […]

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