The flaws of “flawless” skin

I have yet to see anything in this world that is flawless, much less skin.  Attaining flawless skin is something we see on TV and in magazines almost every day as a woman… and even as a man.

You’ve seen these words often in the beauty industry on packaging, advertisements, websites – endless claims of “flawless skin.”  Perfect faces with zero wrinkles.  Glowing complexion with no blemishes.

How is the body’s largest organ, the one thing protecting us from the rest of the world ever going to be flawless?  Even a baby’s skin at minute one isn’t flawless.  These words are used to make you feel a certain way.  This is important…think for a moment, how did those words make you feel?  Not good enough?  Oh, if I could only be like …?

If you are with me on this vocabulary journey and how advertisements are aimed at making us feel “less than” so that a product can make us feel “better than”, then today can be the day to try a different approach!

For starters, turn off the TV, cast that beauty magazine aside, mute your phone, and find 10 minutes for yourself – 5 for what comes next, 2 to read the rest of this article, and 3 to ponder afterwards.

Now, take a deep breath and watch the below video.  Take the time to really hear each word, and more importantly, understand the message.  Make this your meditation for today.

Written in 1997 by Mary Schmich, the Chicago Tribune columnist, I reflect on this song a lot, especially as I was developing the marketing for the beauty product I created.  Originally, I put the word “flawless” on the website just to see how it would make me feel.  I kept reading the word, over and over again.

At first, it was tempting as it conveyed my strong belief in the quality of the product I wholeheartedly believe in, and the goodness it delivers to our skin to make it the best it has ever been.  However, the word “flawless” was simply an unattainable claim.  I deleted it. I decided to go with claims I can stand behind – Radiant.  Glowing.  Bright – because that’s what it does deliver.

All of us have flaws, and these flaws make us unique, beautiful and human.  Each tells a story of what we’ve been through, gently reminding us never to hide who we are.  Instead, let’s focus on making our largest organ as naturally healthy and vibrant as it can be, so it can represent our best selves, imperfections and all.

So, starting today, let’s decide to say goodbye to empty claims of “flawless” skin that make us feel less than.  Let’s be kind to ourselves and embrace those freckles, blemishes, wrinkles as a part of each unique story that makes you a beautiful, you-nique, and natural YOU.

That’s honest to goodness truth, and that’s self care at its best.

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