Franciscan Monastery of the Friars Minor in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The inspiration for Sage Abbey dates back to a child’s love of botanicals; and her curiosity about combining nature’s elements into simple skincare solutions.  Her self born passion was kindled when she discovered the most enchanting place on earth…

Vanja Thorson, your resident sage who loves to explore, learn, create and share. All for the benefit of our skin.

This is Vanja Thorson.  She grew up in Yugoslavia, a country which no longer exists.  Despite being an area with a tumultuous past, the nature there always remained idyllic, awe-inspiring, and according to many, healing.  Vanja spent her summers in luscious forests of rugged Alpine mountains and on the coast of the pristine blue Adriatic Sea.  There, she could see, hear, smell, touch, and taste wondrous nature.

One summer afternoon, Vanja was on a quest to find a sunburn healing salve at an old apothecary.  Walking the narrow streets of Dubrovnik, Croatia (or King’s Landing for our Game of Thrones fans) Vanja discovered a small Franciscan monastery at the end of main street.

Dating back to 1317, this monastery has helped as many people as secrets it kept within.  The best one was hidden inside its walls: a small botanical garden, an enchanting oasis full of healing plants, divine aromas, chirping birds, and a bubbling fountain, all happily basking in the glow of an afternoon sun.  Goodness, it was beautiful!

The memory of that peaceful monastery, its enchanting garden, and the old apothecary within its walls never left Vanja.  Instead, twenty something years later, it inspired her to create Sage Abbey – where her love of botanicals and desire to discover the well kept secrets of the Old World apothecary sages combined to create wholesome skincare products that are good for the body, mind and spirit.

At Sage Abbey, we can be wise about what touches our skin.  We can celebrate beauty for what it truly is: pure, simple, inner, and thus ageless.  And we can decide what it is not – hidden behind unpronounceable ingredients, harsh chemicals, and false advertisements.

Welcome to Sage Abbey … breathe in … exhale … and stay a while.